The Madeleva Lecture Series

Named after the legendary Sister Madeleva Wolff, CSC, president of Saint Mary's College from 1934 to 1961, the series is well known both nationally and internationally. Some of the most influential women scholars of the past twenty-five years are past-Madeleva Lecturers. In 2000 the lecturers gathered at Saint Mary���s College to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the lecture series. At this Convergence 2000 they co-authored the now famous "Madeleva Manifesto: A Message of Hope and Courage." In part, it says:

To young women looking for models of prophetic leadership, we say: walk with us as we seek to follow the way of Jesus Christ, who inspires our hope and guides our concerns. The Spirit calls us to a gospel feminism that respects the human dignity of all, and who inspires us to be faithful disciples, to stay in the struggle to overcome oppression of all kinds whether based on gender, sexual orientation, race or class.

To the young women of the church we say: carry forward the cause of gospel feminism. We will be with you along the way, sharing what we have learned about the freedom, joy and power of contemplative intimacy with God. We ask you to join us in a commitment to far-reaching transformation of church and society in non-violent ways.